About PiX FiZ

PiX FiZ is a bit of nonsense that simply represents the notion of being able to record whatever seems worth documenting at the time. I blog to create a repository of family favorite recipes for the future and to record things I don't want to forget.

I would classify myself as a meat-eating vegan. Confused? Well, I love meat but my better half is vegan so I cook that way often. My definition of vegan is no meat or dairy, but we do eat shellfish and some fish (thank goodness!) This blog is far from strictly vegan, and my definition of vegan may not always fit the norm; I apologize for any confusion. I can make only one promise: since I like to eat meat, when I do eat vegan, it had better be tasty and not some health-nut version of something meat-like.

I have also taught elementary art so I plan to mix in a few of my favorite lessons in as the mood strikes as well. What else might pop up here is yet to be seen.

Thanks for visiting!

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