Saturday, January 19, 2019

Wholeness Requires Action: Hearing the Human Frequency

Haven't we all heard about a billion times that we need to take care of ourselves? Every single medical study out there shows that when we care for our bodies we function better. Certainly we don't need a refresher on that basic truth, and yet so many of us abuse ourselves in any number of ways and reject what science proves as truth.

We know what is good for us and yet we continue to do things we should not. We overeat, we drink too much, we smoke, we rarely exercise, or maybe we just do too much in general and sleep suffers. The standard recommendations of nutrition and sleep are just the base needs of what our bodies require. If we ever expect to perform at higher levels, we have to be even more attentive to how we care for ourselves.

A funny thing happens when you make that resolution to take action and care for yourself; you FEEL a difference. The more the behavior change impacts your overall health or well-being and the better you feel, the more the resolution becomes a knowing of a better way to live. As you travel the path of knowing a better way to live, the path widens and more opportunities for self care present themselves. It just naturally works that way; believe it or not, your body likes it when you take care of it and it will call upon you to do more.

The only obstacle on the way to becoming a better you is YOU. Sadly, we often tell ourselves that some abusive behaviors can not change, that we must accept them as part of our makeup or our situation. This is a lie, we can change everything; even if it is just a perspective or judgement about a situation, still that is a change.

Every abuse we inflict and the resulting lie we tell ourselves about those things we believe we can not change creates a story in our head that acts as chatter to cover our inner voice. The farther away we get from caring for ourselves, the more we silence that voice with chatter. Our inner voice is from the same source that energizes the entire world. It makes sense that this voice of God, if that is how you label it, is louder when you honor yourself; for you are an amazing creation indeed! Every creator wants their creation to thrive, be well-cared for, and honored; that inner voice provides ultimate guidance to that end if you simply listen. The more you listen to your body's needs and follow the suggestions, the louder that voice gets.

All of nature functions on intuition, an inner voice of guidance that helps all living things flourish. The hummingbirds know how to behave like hummingbirds because they have no additional voices in their heads to question or distract them from being the best hummingbird they can be; they function with complete trust using the hummingbird frequency. Likewise, the ants know how to work together and function in the ant community because they are acutely tuned to the ant frequency. There is a human frequency too, only we let our minds carry so many stories of past worries and imagined scenarios of a future that will never be, that we nearly silence our inner voice.

Physically taking care of yourself is only the first step, but it is absolutely necessary to tune the voice in as clearly as possible. We are all beautiful, amazing spirits living inside a water bag and we only get one bag; we need to take the best possible care of it that we can. The human frequency is the same living truth that is God, energy, source, or whatever your spiritual belief system labels that which gives all life and reveals all wisdom.

We are all meant to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be.  

Start with yourself. ❤

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