Saturday, December 1, 2018

Love Shield

Buffalo Creek by Xene Abraham
Last week I was brazen enough to boast that I have a knowing within myself that I may never get sick again. How can someone be so confident of such a thing and post it out for all to read? Honestly, it seems a bit nuts even to me; and while I can't be sure of how I got to such a place of knowing, I can share some of the methods I use to maintain this kind of positive attitude.

Perhaps the most powerful tool I use is something I call the 'Love Shield'. The Love Shield makes the most uncomfortable or difficult situations significantly more bearable. I first started employing the shield at Walmart; as that environment requires more love and patience that most and it is the easiest in which to see how well a Love Shield works. 

Each person's field will look different; perhaps you zip yours on like a life vest, or maybe it glows at the top of your head like a royal crown of protection. Mine is a full-on Star Wars type force field that creates and radiates love to all who are near. When the Love Shield is in place, I smile as often as possible and greet all strangers I encounter with warmth and compassion. I offer assistance when it is needed and engage as many people with sincere compliments or friendly conversation as possible (without being annoying.) The Love Shield helps me remember the grocery list better, purchase items I didn't even know I yet needed, and makes me a more mindful and thrifty shopper. When I have it on, I am more beautiful and I can readily see the true beauty in others. I radiate Love out, and I get it back fourfold (at least.)

The Love Shield brings me into the Present/the Now

I challenge everyone reading to try it. Zip up, strap on, or simply activate your Love Shield in your own personal style and radiate Love in some of the more uncomfortable environments. Of course, the increase in patience, understanding, friendliness, confidence and the overall satisfaction of experience is really entirely up to you and directly related to the abundance of radiance you are able to accept in return. With practice, it is possible to wear it all the time. Ahh, bliss. 

'Buffalo Creek' is an original charcoal drawing by Xene Abraham and available for purchase. 

Saturday, November 24, 2018

I'm SICK of being SICK!

The Gift by Xene Abraham
The title of this post was determined late in January 2018 after a series of illnesses forced me to consider more seriously the study of homeopathic remedies. It seemed as though I was really sick all the time.  Something was wrong;  even though labs and blood work showed an example of perfect health, I was sick too often.  My plan was to blog the results of holistic experiments in an effort to avoid illness.

My friends on social media were also reporting sickness at an alarming frequency so I knew I was not alone in this quest to live healthier. There are nearly endless options to explore:  diet, essential oils, acupuncture, chiropractic care, massage therapy, exercise, yoga and many spiritual practices that reportedly increase overall health; I had to do something and if I was going to explore, my plan was to  share the journey.

So I did something, but clearly I dropped the ball on blogging it; I created art instead. I had attended university on a full-tuition scholarship for art but when motherhood came along, I nearly abandoned art to dedicate all my energy to raising a family.

Art unlocked something within me that had been both suppressed and oppressed all those years. 

I could hear my inner voice when I painted. If I let the voice lead the brush, the paintings came to life. If I doubted and fought the natural instinct by 'overthinking it' the art suffered. The more time I spent painting, the stronger I could hear the voice and I began to question "why I was not listening to it all the time?" 

So I made a decision to listen to my intuition as often as possible in all things. My inner voice was changing me for the better on everything from how I dealt with and identified conflict, to how I ate (I am now vegetarian with a strong desire for veganism.) Obviously, PiX FiZ has been a food blog up to this point, so I knew how to cook, but if I listened to my intuition, the food was better too.  I was on to something but I didn't understand any of it until I was turned on to the teachings of Eckhart Tolle. Ah ha! Art brought me into the Present! Every single thing Eckhart said made complete sense.

I devoured all I could from Eckhart and then turned to Deepak Chopra. I have so much left to learn, but I now believe, no wait, I have a KNOWING that I will be well. Several times this season already I have felt the tinge of a sore throat, or a tingling of a cold sore trying to erupt but I turned my thinking toward the positive and reminded this water bag of a body that surrounds my beautiful soul that it could heal itself. It has so far, and I believe that it will, perhaps forever.

I am new on this journey, but so many are seeking in this direction that I have been compelled to write about how I am navigating this new found mindful practice. Perhaps I will end up posting guest articles about homeopathic remedies that aid improved health, but for now I am going to let intuition guide what shows up here.

My name is Xene and I am going to do a better job blogging.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Post 100! PiX FiZ is Not Dead!

This is officially the 100th post on PiX FiZ! It seems rather fitting that the 100th post marks the first day of the new look and content soon to come to this space. 

PiX FiZ started as a repository of recipes but I have found that my interests have shifted considerably since the first post in 2012. Over the course of the last few years my love of creating art has blossomed and my culinary endeavors have dwindled; now my blog needs to reflect these changes. There will still be recipe posts but even my eating habits have evolved. I am far more interested in a vegetable-based-diet while reducing meat, carbohydrates, and sugar. I suspect I might even go a little health-nut experimenting in the future and those experiences/results might end up here as well. Only time will tell.

In addition to food, I expect to document a few other projects I have in the works. 2018 is the Year of the Dog in Chinese astrology and as a dog myself, I plan to make the most of this new year. Art classes, an Etsy store, sewing adventures, and other creative and health inspired ideas might just pop up here. 

Stay tuned! 

Conte and charcoal drawing of Buffalo Creek September 2017